A Wine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Six courses. Superb! Wine pairings. Inspired!

To begin...

An interpretation of arctic char and tuna carpaccio served with a Sauvignon Blanc SudTirol “Tramin” 2007

Lobster salad with heirloom tomatoes, diva cucumbers, english peas and Bellavista served with a Roero Arneis “Prunotto” 2008

Carrot flavored pappardelle with a rabbit ragu in a white wine sauce and fresh thyme served with an Aglianico Bisceglia “Terra di Vulcano” 2006

Risotto with saffron, Tuscan Pecorino and fava beans and garlic pesto served with a Barbaresco “Produttori” 2005

Roasted Muscovy duck breast with Trevisan radicchio puree, chicory and raisin timbale and 25 years old Balsamic served with a Giampaolo Motta “Giorgio Primo” 2003

Carnaroli rice pudding parfait with blackberry compote and citrus tuille served with a Maculan “Dindarello” 2006

Before the dessert course, the waiter presented me with a silky tiramisu served in an extra large martini glass complete with a single candle and a rectangle of white chocolate inscribed with Happy Birthday. The only thing better would have been if our table was in the kitchen and the chef was the one telling us about each course rather than the waiter.


  1. Good Lord, Gaelic. Do you ever just eat a hotdog washed down with a good, cold beer 2009?

  2. MizA - yes indeedy I do. Just not on my birthday. Hmm, maybe hair of the dog today???

  3. Sounds like a nice birthday feast. I hope you had a fine time.

  4. Ha! I got the hint!! Hair of the sauvignon? Seriously - you ate things I've never even heard of! I don't know, girl, but radicchio, chicory, and raisins sounds like CRAP. I'd be diggin' the lobster salad and rissoto, though. You are SO FAR outta my league...

  5. Sounds like a dream! And just how did you get to the car after all that?? Roll??LOL I would have been so pie-eyed! I'm a cheap drunk..I drink so rarely that 1/2 glass is sufficient! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time on your birthday!