Say Goodnight, Gaelic

That urge just gets worse. It grows and can’t be silenced. It craves attention. Agitated. Anxious. Apprehensive. It insists that you answer to its demands right effing now. You need a fix.

Even fits of nostalgia can bring on that same intensity of need. The need to feel part of a place and time that doesn’t exist anymore. With age, the memories of places fade. The need to reestablish those sights and sounds and tastes and smells rises up within you. Being the oldest generation you have no one to ask. Sadness begins to sink in with the realization of loss.

But wait! There’s hope! What about that guy from your hometown who knew everybody and everybody’s family tree? Let’s ask Mikey! He’ll know!

“Hey Mikey! What was the name of that burger place on Avenue ‘C’ on the way to ‘A’ City?”

Suddenly, others chime in. “It was ‘M’ Burger.”

“Then what was the burger joint on 4th Street?”

“It was 3rd Street not 4th and it was ‘DK’. The one on 4th was ‘KK’,” Mikey corrects.

At which people exclaim, “Wow, what a memory you have!” While others kid, “You know how it is with people that age … they can remember stuff from way back but can’t remember what they had for breakfast.”

Mikey complains, “Hmmm … “

Then someone pipes up, “I thought it was ‘C’ Burger.”

Mikey goes on, “That was the name of the place that moved in after ‘DK’ closed.”

You decide to explain, “I can’t remember way back or breakfast either. I can’t remember my children’s names when I’m calling them. I must have Alzheimer’s.” But you immediately forge ahead with, “Here’s a toughie: what was the soft-serve ice cream place near ‘JJ’ grocery store at US ## and ‘R’ Drive?”

“Oh, that was ‘CK’,” someone chirps in.

Mikey complains, “I have a hard enough time keeping up with ‘A’, much less ‘R’ City!”

You kindly say, “Thanks, everyone! I needed a nostalgia fix.”

Until someone else offers up, “What about ‘T’ Burger? That was my favorite … 5 for $1 hamburgers!”

Mikey’s back in with, “I still have a picture I took of the ‘T’ Burger before it closed. Yeah, I liked going there too. But my FAVORITE burger place was ‘R’ next door to The ‘P’ Theatre.”

You draw a blank and retort, “Darn it! Which one was that one?”

Mikey reminds you, “’T’ Burger was by the viaduct in ‘A’, close to your house.”

You cover yourself with, “I told y’all I can’t remember anything! What street did I live on?”

Mikey, either exasperated or joking, deadpans, “’H’ Avenue.”

You close with, “Mr. Gaelic says they used too much blonde the last time they did my hair. Goodnight, Gracie,” half expecting someone to ask, “Who’s Gracie?"


  1. Nice to see a Burns and Allen reference!

  2. LOL I have some problems with memories, too.. Must mean we're smart, or something.. no room for all the silly stuff!!LOL