Dream Weaver

It was the best of nights; it was the worst of nights.  Saving the best for last, let's delve into what makes a bad night.

It begins by watching a psychological thriller with Deirdre who had her wisdom teeth removed the day before.  She propped herself up on the love seat in front of the fireplace and filled her iPad screen with the movie.  Sitting in the chair next to her, it was hard not to watch and soon the plot pulled me in.  Afterwards, the scenes kept replaying in my mind waiting for the fire to die down and for Deirdre, now tucked into her bed, to drift off to sleep.

Finally getting to sleep myself, it didn't take long for the images and plot twists to wake me.  After a bad dream, a person tries to think of something, anything, else.  Alas, my mind raced to the financial paperwork waiting for me on my desk at work. 

Time ticked by at an unknown speed.  But it felt like eons before sleep came again. 

Jackpot!  Karma can be a bitch sometimes but not then.  She doted on me with such a wonderful dreamscape. 

Dazzling city lights, skyscrapers, uptown-quality street scenes.  Like a modern-day, post-Woody Allen, opening to "Manhattan".  Less of the naval gazing vibe and more of the astonishment vibe.  A party in a modern, glass-walled penthouse restaurant.  Delicious food.  Direct phone line and immediate access to clothing stores and hair stylists.  Mixing and mingling with the swells.  Talking trade secrets with the chef.  But time to leave the party for another restaurant in a sanitized ethnic part of town.

The car was a white convertible, waiting at the front door.  Mr. Gaelic slid into the driver's seat as I sat next to him in the passenger seat.  My hand rubbed his thigh as we pulled away.  No more than a half block and it started to rain.  He quickly pushed the button to close the roof and the rain lightly fell on the canvas top and covered the windshield.  As the light turned green, we started through the intersection to new adventures and another restaurant with another party. 

But, alas...  I awoke before we had made it another full block. 

Even though the exhaustion of originally not sleeping well still lingered, the contentment remained.  Who knows where dreams come from?  But however this one was produced for me, whatever my thoughts and actions were the night before, the nighttime visions were enough to replace the earlier nightmare with serenity and gratification.

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  1. I have warned my children, from my own experience, that whatever you view will stay with you forever and haunt you. So glad you got relief from those bad visions.