Black in Black

Next time, I'll read the entire list before I commit to an online challenge. This 30 Day Non-Facebook Prose-Instead-of-Pictures Challenge is getting difficult. Today's challenge:

21.A picture of something you wish you could forget

Everything that has happened to me makes me who I am. Yes, even the bad stuff. Sure, there are things I'm not proud of doing or saying. But that's still part of me and lessons learned.

To me, this challenge is more about regret and shame. In my opinion, regret is the desire to do something that wasn't, while shame is about something that was. A good friend of mine says that shame is anger turned inwards. Being angry at oneself for something that one did or said. I may not be proud of some things, but without them, I would be a different person.

And since I believe that everything that has happened to me or that I've done or that I've said makes me me, my picture of something I wish I could forget would be a big black hole of nothing.

No, that's not being conceited or pretentious, just accepting of who I am.

[Title taken from this.]


  1. Accepting the whole is very healthy.

  2. Excellent way to look at it! And, yes, we are the sum of ourselves and our actions. Like you, I have both regrets and shame, but they're mine, and part of why I'm who I am!

  3. this is a great line: "A good friend of mine says that shame is anger turned inwards." I'm moving right now and so ashamed at what I've collected over the past five years, I'd hate to think it was anger, but it makes sense, so I will think of it differently...