The Non-IT Girl

My plan for today was to upload my photos from the recent trip to Facebook and to blog about the trip with photos.  Yeah, right.  Not happening.  I'm blaming it on the jet-lag.  That brain fog is quite thick still.

The directions are easy, really.  Insert the computer stick thingy which Mr. Gaelic calls a flash drive into the laptop.  Then the laptop is supposed to automatically download the files to my hard drive.  All that worked perfectly.

Now I can't find my pictures on my laptop.  I searched the recent downloads, the My Pictures folder, the recent documents.  I opened Picasa and every other program that has anything whatsoever to do with photos or video.  They're nowhere to be found. 

A pictorial blog will have to wait until my IT-guy gets home from his day job.


  1. I just get soooooo irritated when that happens to me! It should be there, where it's supposed to be!lol I'm looking forward to some great pictures..

  2. How to solve this dilemma in contingent upon what operating system your computer uses.