What Have I Done?

Holy Shit! I can't believe I just did that. And in public to boot! It's like announcing to the world that you're going to lose 20 pounds by Christmas. Everyone will know if you don't. Crap! What have I gotten myself into?
It all began innocently enough. Reading the New York Times. Then one article touched a nerve. How many times have a told Deirdre, my middle daughter, that she has too many clothes and nothing to wear? But am I guilty of the same thing?

I never thought so. I'm judicious in what I buy, making sure that things fill gaps in my wardrobe and match the colors that I already wear. Okay, okay. I also indulge in finer pieces such as silks and cashmeres. But in my defense, I know a terrific outlet mall with real outlets not just make-believe outlets where I've been known to buy $600 pairs of pants for $30 and $800 dresses for $60. And I sew a lot of my own clothes, especially the cashmeres and designer fabrics.

When I read the article, it was very easy to click on the outside links to the clothing diet programs. Yep, clothing diet. There are two extremes. One was to make do with only six articles of clothing (not including underwear, shoes, or accessories) for a month. The other was to not purchase any new clothing items for a year.

Damn, I hate the internet. Why don't I read hard copies of newspapers? That way I couldn't click from one of the programs to the "Like" button on Facebook. Maybe none of my friends will notice that I "liked" a clothing diet of not purchasing any new clothes for a year.

Or maybe I should stick to my guns and try it. Can I do it? Updates to come.

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