It Was Early Morning, Yes, Today

When the alarm went off, the radio station reported that it is going to be a gorgeous day today.  But where's the sun?  After showering and dressing to my shoes, the few steps outside for the newspaper revealed only a tinge of pink in the eastern sky.  If I was supposed to be up before the sun, I would be a farmer.  Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to Daylight Saving Time?

Before my eyes were fully open, while still lying in bed, the radio station followed up the weather with a report on people who have difficulty adjusting to the time change.  The advice was to maintain the usual wake-up time on the weekends and not to sleep late.  Great.  So I should go to sleep at 8:00 instead of 9:00?  Since my job keeps me away from home for close to 60 hours a week, when am I supposed to get anything done around the house?

How does everyone else fit in a life with a demanding job?  Suggestions?


  1. i know I got off early the last 2 days and I had time to do stuff!!! I haven't figured it out during normal hours or overtime.... and I don't have a family to keep up. I usually give myself time slots, "twenty minutes to read, thirty to play on the piano, etc, it's all bunched up.