Ya Gotta Taste This

There are more than three senses.  Yet there are only three sensory blogs on my list of non-Bucket-List lists.  Sight, sound, and smell have been covered already.  Time now for the all-important taste factor.  No, this will not be a Fear Factor-type list of tastes.  Just things to taste before I die.
  • The best cup of coffee.  Check.  Already done.  At a breakfast shack in Destin, FL, on the last day of a girls' weekend.
  • Champagne at my daughters' weddings.
  • Perfectly sautéed soft-shell crabs.  Check.  That was the main course at a dinner party at chez Gaelic.
  • Blood pudding in Scotland.  Haggis can be quite good if made by someone who knows how.  Unfortunately, on our holiday in Scotland, our innkeepers didn't serve blood pudding.
  • The fruits of my gardening labor.  Last year's garden produced: beets, carrots, onions, leeks, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, corn, strawberries, and figs.  For this year, add to that okra, eggplant, watermelon, raspberries, potatoes, garlic, zucchini, and three types of winter squash.
  • Acacia honey with bread at an inn on Lake Como.
  • Sauteed fiddlehead ferns.
  • Blinis and caviar after touring the Hermitage.
  • The perfect crème brûlée.  It's all in how the sugar is burnt.
  • S'mores dark chocolate pudding.  Check.  This was the dessert for a private Valentine's Day dinner at chez Gaelic.
Guessing at things to taste before I die is difficult.  How does one know about all the different flavors in the world until one is exposed to them?  My eyes, and mouth, will be open for new taste adventures.  But no shots of horse semen.


  1. Blood pudding is not very yummy.

  2. I want to drink chocolate and eat freshly-baked croissants in Paris again.
    But as for new tastes...deep fried fish in Iceland, haggis in Scotland, and food cooked by my teens when they are adults and on their own and self-sufficient and the good people I trying to help them become.
    I also want to go back to Cow's ice cream in Nova Scotia. Oh and I want to eat maple taffy in Quebec.

  3. @Laoch, I just have to try it for myself once. But I believe you.
    @dbs, Chocolate at Angelina on Rue Rivoli! And can you explain to me what poutine is?

  4. Great list. I'm hungry and want to pack some bags.

  5. I'll serve you that perfect crème brûlée if you tell me where that garden is and look the other way once in a while. There's nothing quite as good as garden fresh vegetables.....well, maybe fresh off the boat seafood. My dad was an accomplished chef and he taught me a lot about the art. I love to cook and I'm very good at it, if I do say so myself.

  6. That sounds quite a yummy list Wifie, had a check on the Inn where you stayed in Scotland, i'm pretty sure it's where |I stayed many, many [about 60+] years ago on the shores of Loch Lhinne, no electricity in these days, went to bed with a storm lantern. and had to ring the bell for the ferry.
    Also don't know what 'blood' pudding is, are you sure you don't mean 'black' pudding, it's made with blood, in fact I had some yesterday.

  7. I too want to do paris, I want to go for a week and on the last day hit up the pastry shops and not care about getting sick. I don't know if someone filled you in on poutine... Poutine is fries gravy and cheese curd, I was a vegetarin and dairy free when my little part of the world was introduced to such a culenary delight, so although I have seen it eaten many times, I have never tasted it... Although I like to think my over-easy eggs on homefries comes close... Your post has me thinking about great flavours

  8. Poutine is the devil aka deep-fried salty French fries smothered with melted cheese and gravy. It's total comfort in about a 1000 calories. My teens would likely eat it for breakfast everyday if they could.