Can You Hear Me Now?

Second in the non-bucket-list list of things to experience before I die is sound.  Last time we explored things I want to see before I die.  This go-round it's sounds.  For your listening pleasure, I give you my Top Ten (to be experienced in person, of course).
  1. Mendelssohn's Bridal Chorus at my three daughters' weddings
  2. My grandbaby's giggle
  3. An iceberg calving
  4. Gurgling lava and its hiss upon running into the sea
  5. Adhan in Istanbul
  6. Oseh Shalom in Lodz, Poland
  7. The wind while standing at 29,029 feet above sea level
  8. A wolf's howl while tent camping along Slough Creek in Yellowstone
  9. Dinka hymns in Juba, Southern Sudan
  10. My husband's Russian outside the Church of Spilt Blood in St. Petersburg
My sounds of non-silence.  Although complete and utter silence ranks pretty high as well.


  1. Somehow it feels like this list should have some Bach.

  2. @Laoch, I've heard lots of Bach. Perhaps Bach in Leipzig could be on the list.

  3. Good list.. I think it's perfect. I hope you get to do it all! How's the hand?

  4. YOUR list is great, Gaelic. Mine is much simpler at this stage of my life. It's hearing someone say, "Yep, she's still alive"

  5. I lived in Saudi Arabia for more than 8 years, and I can assure you that the Azan (or adhan; the actual sound of the z/dh does not exist in English) gets mighty old after about the first year of three times per day from all of the 100 masjids within earshot anywhere you may be in the Islamic Kingdom. I have also heard it in Istanbul. There are many reasons to go to Istanbul which is one of the truly great cities of the world, but I would not list adhan among them. As to the howl of the wolf while camping - it is best enjoyed when he is not in the same tent as you are. You can have no idea how the singer's presence can dampen the delight of the song.

  6. Holy cow - did I write THREE times a day? Total mind blanking there - it is five times a day and the first is pre-dawn...

  7. Gaelic, although I consider myself a somewhat educated person, visiting here sometimes makes me feel as though I need to go back to school!

  8. @Shana, Thanks.

    @Jean, Got the stitches out!!! Still in splint. PT starting next week.

    @Jenny, Hahaha!!!

    @David, It's the Istanbul part that intrigues me. The five-times-a-day part would get old fast.

    @Gail, It called wanderlust. Come with me!

  9. Gaelic, in response to the "R's", ie Richmond, etc. Nooooooo, reread it. We didn't know where he got that pronunciation of "george". It made no sense whatsoever. The "charlie" part and the "roger" part was fine, it was just George, hahha.

  10. Hearing that is on mine too:)

    For now I'll settle for the roar of 29,029 tigers in their natural habitat.

    I brought some cookies to your Kaffeeklatsch, hope I didn't show up unfashionably late.