Oh Say Can I See

This isn’t a “bucket list”. It’s just a list. Maybe this will be the first in a series of lists.

Things I want to see before I die:
  1. The Nazca Lines
  2. The Roman Catacombs
  3. The aurora borealis
  4. Penguins in their natural habitat
  5. Polar bears in their natural habitat
  6. Victoria Falls
  7. The Road of Bones from the back of a motorcycle
  8. A grandbaby’s eyes
  9. The world from the highest point in Africa
  10. The winter solstice sunrise from inside Newgrange
What do you want to see before you die?


  1. I watched the Aurora Borealis dancing last night. Sorry.
    On my list:
    Iceland, Inverness, Queen Charlotte Islands, New Zealand, see my kids graduate from University; yours sound good too.

  2. @dbs - You Canadians have all the fun. [turning green with envy over your night sky last night]

  3. Fine list. Shouldn't you add, trying a deep fried Twinkie?

  4. I have seen the Aurora Borealis in Western NY - I was young and alone at the time and I was terrified. It was amazing though (in retrospect). I have also been to Victoria Falls - it is one of the very few things I have seen in the world which actually impressed me as much as I hoped. It is so tall that the force of the water striking bottom throws up a mist that can be seen 10 miles away - it looks like clouds on the horizon. The local name for it is Musi oa Tunya - the "Smoke that Roars".

  5. That's quite a varied list Wifie, some I know, some I don't.
    My oldest grand-daughter have her wish to have a baby.
    World Peace
    An end to animal cruelty.
    I hope you get at least 90% of yours.

  6. I, too, would like to see the Aurora Borealis.

    Also, the plains of Alberta, southwestern Canada, the Maritime Provinces of Canada(am I seeing a theme here?), England again along with Ireland and Scotland.

  7. @Laoch, That would be in the "taste" list.

    @David, The Smoke that Roars. How wonderfully descriptive!

    @Arlene, I'd be happy with 50%.

    @Gail, Are you sure you're not Canadian?

  8. The contents of the library of Alexandria.

  9. I want to look a man in the eye and see total adoration. I want to look at myself in the mirror and see someone I like. I want to see happiness on the faces of my friends and relatives. I want to see the citizens of the United States of America at peace with each other (world peace is too much even for my fantasies). I want to see the United States Congress vote for what's right and good for the country no matter the political party. And when I die, I want to see the face of God.