The I's Have It

As Sally Field said, "You like me, you really like me!"  Well, at least Tim likes me.  He nominated me for the Stylish Blog Award.  Me?  Stylish?  Aw shucks.  I'm speechless.  Which for me is a rarity.

So, without further ado, here are seven things you might not know about me.
  • I always wanted to have a farm and raise goats, honeybees, and quail.
  • I used to stand in line with my grandmother for her monthly supply of cheese and peanut butter from the government.
  • In high school, I attained sharpshooter level in riflery.
  • I prefer a bow to a gun.
  • I learned how to drive in a green 1972 GMC Gremlin when I was 11.
  • I read my first words when I was two but I am a very slow reader, to the point where it embarrasses me.
  • I am utterly terrified of snakes, so much so that I can't even look at pictures of them without being scared.
Wow, never in all my blogging days has the word "I" appeared so many times in one blog!  That's another thing about me that you may not know.  Writing that relies too heavily on "I" makes me uncomfortable. 

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It's easy really.  Seven things that people might not know about you and seven other nominations for the Stylish Blog Award.

I think I'll go back to writing without "I's" now.


  1. Goats are pretty tranquil but require a good dog for herding.

  2. G'morning Wifie, wellt it's morning here.
    Know exactly what you mean about the 'I's' it's surprising how many there can be in any piece of literature you're composing. I [sorry] make a conscious effort to stop it hence sometimes just starting a sentence with the second word and hope it makes sense.
    Apart from Jenny 's blogs don't know the others, maybe try them out. Haven't heard from jenny for a while, hope all is OK there, Congratulations on your award, well deserved.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much! You really like me?? LOL. Such a nice way to start my day. You learned to drive when you were 11??? Cool. How you feel about snakes is how I feel about spiders...can't even look at photos of them without freaking out!

  4. I think your blog is very deserving... and quite stylish... indeed...

  5. Very interesting 7. I never would have pegged you as such a weapons expert.

  6. Oh I loved it. reading your seven things I mean. I did mine a few weeks ago..heaven knows what I said. However, truly I appreciate that you thought of me and awarded it to me. (HUG)

    I didn't say it at the time I don't think but not snakes but swimming..being in water that is, over my knees terrifies me.

  7. So enjoyed this entry. I've said it before and will say it again: you are a Renaissance woman!

  8. I agree with Gail. And how did you decide on goats, honeybees, and quail?? Seems like a very odd mix. You do have a quite stylish blog... good call, Tim! Hope your hand is doing better, and you're enjoying your job.

  9. I too am a slow reader, which makes me really picky about the books I decide to read, because if I'm going to read it it better be worth it.

  10. Why am I not surprised?

    Quail with goat cheese and honey? Hmmm.