The Anti-Social Network

Facebook is a wonderful tool to help reconnect with people.  The majority of my FB friends are from my small Southern hometown of 7,000.  We catch up about parents, careers, spouses, children.  We post old photos from our elementary school days, church choir, high school yearbooks.  And we tag each other.  Helpful after all these years.

And so talkative.  It seems that they all want to chat whenever I'm online.  After trying to carry on five conversations at one time, it was time to leave my chat status as offline.  Multitasking is one thing but there are limits.

Until last night.  That's when I wanted so much to go back in time and talk to people who wanted to talk to me.  One in particular.  A guy who went through twelve years of school with me.  He had joined the Air Force, married, divorced, stayed in Colorado.

With FB, it starts in cryptic ways.  "My heart is breaking with the news."

Then it becomes a mystery.  "D was a great friend."

The mind races.  What happened to D?

With enough reading and poking around, it becomes clear.  "D didn't post anything on Fishville this morning and I was about to call him when I heard the message on my phone.  My baby brother is gone.  Cardiac arrest."

Sadness, regret, realization that we're middle aged.  Wasn't this supposed to be fun?


  1. My Grandmother used to say that there comes a time when the first part of the newspaper you turn to is the obituaries and it is shocking when you start to see a lot of people that you know.

  2. I agree with your post and Laoch's comment. Ugh.

  3. It's a real milestone when the realization hits that we are not immortal, that our parents and siblings will not live forever, that we will not always have what we have now. I tell you, I was in real shock when that truth came to light -- still am.

  4. My Grandma sends me my old hometown newspaper but I just recycle it now because I'd rather be in denial.

  5. I've just had a little traipse along to Fb Wifie, I don't usually go there much as I find it a bit confusing, also the time, Lord, how it goes, one hour and I've done nothing really.
    It is sad when you hear of old friends go, and it's very true, the older you get the less friends you have left, between last year and now, I've lost 6 some good friends and some close acquaintances. and you start thinking about making a will, that's as much as i'm giving way to it. lol

  6. When we don't get a paper because of weather, or the like, my mom freaks out because she can't check the obituaries! At 85, frequently entries are about friends and acquaintances. I've lost enough to know I don't want to lose more.. but some of that is due to my job. It's even harder when you make friends KNOWING they are going to pass soon! But, it's part of life, and I just pray they know where they're going.. I don't mind the thought of going, for myself, as I'm almost eager to get there!LOL Not enough to help it along, but enough to look forward to it, "someday".