Smells and Bells

Third in my series of lists of the senses is smell.  Mostly in memory of that sense which our family lost last week when we all developed head colds of varying degrees.  (Cue the Dies Irae.)  My first list was sight; the second list, sound.

Without further ado, I give you scents I want to experience before I die:
  • That baby-smell on the top of a grandbaby's head
  • Sweet-shrub wafting through my open bedroom window on a warm spring morning
  • White Shoulders as I nuzzle in for a hug (my grandmother's signature)
  • Chanel No. 5 as I nuzzle in for a hug (my mother's signature)
  • Mrouzia in Marrakesh
  • Rogan josh outside Lakshmana temple in Khajuraho
  • Spruce and firs giving way to glaciers in Denali
  • Varnish remover while refinishing an antique [fill in the blank] by myself
  • Lavender fields in Provence
  • Body oil with patchouli being massaged onto me while at a beach-front spa in the Caribbean
Coming up with scents to experience is quite difficult.  Knowing what I want to do or see is easy; but how does one describe a new scent?  Today's list was very challenging.  That will be your challenge now -- what scents do you want to experience?


  1. I would, once again, like to smell the head of a brand new grandbaby. Nothing like it.

    White Shoulders is my mother-in-love's fragrance.

    How does your finger feel?

  2. My first reactions...The oceans again: Pacific & Atlantic. (I think I'm partial to the Atlantic.) Scotland's crisp winter air and the fires burning at Hogmaney. Ditto grandkids. The Calgary Zoo again. Paris again (not a pleasant smell but I loved that city).
    I like these sensory posts you are doing. Nice work.

  3. The absence of certain smells.

    Haven't smelled the ones I have yet to experience, but cedar in a fire place, a good coffee, salty ocean air, oil paint, stationary stores.................happy scent memories.:)