Nothin' But Blue Eyes Do I See

The congressman is going on a military trip to Florida soon.  Which requires paperwork.  It was dutifully filled out and ready to fax to the Navy liaison office when a snafu hit.

His mother-in-law is very ill.  He may have to scrub the trip.  Even if he goes, flight plans have changed since he won't be returning to Washington with the missus.  She's at her mother's side.

Because of the now-complicated situation, it was easier to walk the paperwork to the liaison and explain things face to face rather than on the phone.  How lucky can a gal be?  The two Navy liaisons in charge of the trip met me at the front office area.  Both Navy, both blond, both blue eyes.  Blue like the sky over the Caribbean Sea.  All warm and decadent.

The next time the legislative staff needs something from the Navy liaison office I'll happily volunteer to walk to their office.  As I told our legislative director, I may be married but I can still look.  All of a sudden I sound like a man!


  1. After you left they probably wondered if you were looking at them or someone else. Like you did that guy the other day that creeps you out. Ha!!! I would be looking, too. I love a man in uniform! Army, Navy, Air Force, football, baseball, plumber...

  2. Good one! ...and so true. Now the question is, would Mr Gaelic say the same. And if he were the one doing the looking, would you be ok with it? I ask because since there always seems to be a double standard, I figured if it was turned around, there still might be. You think?
    (seen anymore of the leering staffer?)

  3. I figure God made works of art for us to admire and enjoy! Just like artists like for others to admire THEIR work..hehe

  4. You don't sound like a man, because you are still buying that 'look' line. Keep believing!

  5. When you stop looking and admiring a good looking man, you might as well be dead. , after all, a cat can look at a queen, can't she?