Father McDreamy

There are three men at church that absolutely float my boat to new heights. They are the seminarian, the deacon, and one of the priests. While watching them all at the altar recently, it came to me that they have the same hair -- thick, full, and black. They're all thin. Two are relatively tall. And they're all young. Under 35.

This isn't my normal MO. From my earliest boyfriend in college, my type was thin build, blond hair, and blue eyes. From my second boyfriend, my type switched to chubby build, blond hair, blue eyes. Several other boyfriends were chubby, but with varying degrees of brown hair, leading some friends to label me as a "chubby chaser".

But always the same. They all had similar characteristics. Until Mr. Gaelic blew my type right out of the water. When we married, he was 6'5", 175 pounds, black hair, and dark brown eyes. Your typical lucky-Irishman-to-have-on-New-Years-Day. Now I like my men the way I like my beer -- long, dark, and strong.

If there is always a chance of the three of them, the seminarian, the deacon, and the priest, serving together, you can bet I won't be missing church very often. Can I hear an Amen from all the ladies?

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