Rock of Ages, Bereft Is Me*

Two words.  Boombox scene.  Okay here's another two words.  Lloyd Dobler.  Do you know the reference?

Swooning over John Cusak and a boombox was part of coming of age in the '80s.  Who wouldn't give her right arm to have the man she loves serenade her with Peter Gabriel outside her window?  Come closer and I'll tell you a secret. 

We would still give our right arms for a serenade outside our windows.

Most often, rather than being serenaded, we have relationships without such drama until the flame goes out.  The disappointment can be felt whenever a man leaves us.  Or at least that's the way it feels to me.

What's odd is that feeling of loss and disappointment is rearing its head in my life again.  No, it's not Mr. Gaelic.  What's weird is feeling a major loss because the Legislative Director in my office quit.  Our relationship is strictly professional.  But he's the rock in the office.  The sure foundation of my professional life.  My boat has come unmoored and I feel adrift.

*Title inspired by this.


  1. That was a fine movie back in the day.

  2. I hope that whoever replaces him is even more in tune (intune?) with everyone in your office. gail (having problems getting into my account!)