Purple People Meter*

Past blogs have extolled my mundanity and averageness.  A Regular Jane.  Main Street Denizen.  Mainline Protestant.  Middle of the road, garden variety, dime a dozen.

Now it's confirmed that my politics are smack dab in the middle as well.  The Pew Research Center released their 2011 Political Typology.  It's nothing that we didn't already know.  The two political extremes are more polarized.  And the middle is hard to define.

How do you classify someone who is pro-choice, pro-death penalty, anti-DREAM Act, pro-English only, pro-nuclear power, anti-flat tax, pro-gay marriage, anti-divorce, pro-gun rights, anti-lead bullets, anti-school sex ed classes, anti-needle exchange, pro-military draft?  Someone who attends church every week and flies the American flag every day?  Someone who buys all organic food and mows her yard with a reel push mower but drives an SUV and refuses to use CFL light bulbs?

The Pew Research Center confirmed that I'm as purple as they come.  A "Post-Modern".  Take the test.  Find out what you are.  Then tell me.  Are you who you think you are?

*Title inspired by this.


  1. I scored as a solid liberal (which is not really surprising as I suspect I am one of the last liberals left.)

  2. Hell.....I don't need to take the test now! After reading your profile of the test...it sounds just like me ( with a couple of exceptions).
    Pretty much, I just want to "Live and Let Live". EXCEPT for the Westboro Baptist folks, which I'd love to introduce a Louisville Slugger to their kneecaps!

  3. I am "disaffected, just like 11%of the public". Leave it to me to be the minority!!

  4. Um, you might not want to be my friend any more if I tell you that I scored...as a libertarian! Some of the options weren't what I believe but I answered as well as I could.

    Happy mother's day!

  5. @Laoch, I bet there might be one or two left somewhere.

    @Dave, Did you hear about the town that worked together to keep the Westboro people "occupied" so they couldn't get to the funeral to protest?

    @Antares, Sort of like how everyone has their own interpretation of the Bible. But that's another blog entirely.

    @Jean, I never would have guessed!

    @gail, I didn't like some of the choices either. I will always be your friend. Unless you secretly have joined the Westboro Baptist Church. Happy Mother's Day to you too.