Disney for Adults

Ye nevah cawll.  Ye nevah wryte.  Whot?  Ye don' luve ye muddah?

Two things that Southern mothers and New York Jewish mothers have in common are the guilt trip and the good food.  Sometimes at the same time.

Lawdy mehcy, chil'.  Ya gotta eat yawr collah' greens or yaw're gonna disappeah until dey ain't nuttin' lef' o' ya but da clothes ya wearin' righ' now.

As an aside, that reminds me of when I read the Uncle Remus books by Joel Chandler Harris.  One can only read them if one knows the real Southern dialect.  Sort of like reading A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.  It flows much better if one knows a true New Orleans accent.  But I digress.

No, I didn't disappear off the face of the earth.  Mr. Gaelic's annual conference was in Orlando.  Piggyback on a Disney World visit and Mrs. Gaelic is out of this world.  What better way to see Tomorrowland than without kids in tow!  We could smile at all the beautiful babies we wanted to and then quickly find another table away from the screaming brats.

You know all those guides with suggested touring plans for each of the Disney parks?  Don't use them.  We tried using one the first two days and realized that we would have more fun if we didn't try to do and see everything.  Just be and enjoy.  Sheer bliss.  Do you know how refreshing it is to have Fastpasses in hand to both Soarin' and Test Track and decide that you'd rather go back to the hotel and take a nice long bath?

And a word to the wise... Just because the resort bar has signature drinks on the menu doesn't mean that you have to try one.  Save your money and your taste buds.  Stick with what you know.  Some of those signatures are ghastly!


  1. So glad you had a good time!

  2. Hi Wifie, managed to get into your blogspot with no problem this time.
    Loved the accents, just about deciphered them :-) I loved Uncle Remus but had they been in Southern dialect |I would never had been able to understand them.
    My daughter and I are hoping to visit the states next year, but not down your way taking in NY ,Virginia,
    I share your sentiments on visiting the theme parks, I'd rather go to a dog show.