Troglodytes Among Us

Mr. Gaelic is a techno-geek.  For example, one night recently he sat at the library desk with the desktop computer, his laptop, his iPad, and his iPhone uploading several albums from the home CD collection to the cloud.  Not satisfied when the album cover was omitted from the upload, he found sites to copy a picture of the cover to download. 

I, on the other hand, am not an early adopter.  It took me years before relinquishing an old cell phone for a smart phone.  Music for me comes most often from the radio or CDs.  There is no sense of urgency in having the latest and greatest since it gives them time to work out the bugs and come down in cost. 

It reminds me of a friend who passed away a couple of years ago.  His children are my children's ages but he never wanted to be on any social media websites.  He always said that he could be relevant without Facebook. 

Are we relevant without social media, without our blogs, without constant connection, without instant gratification?  Can we still be relevant in an ever-increasing technologically driven world?

[Title very loosely based on this.]


  1. It turns out that I am anti-social... perhaps I need a social networking site for anti-social people... I don't facebook... not sure what twitter is... and my blog really isn't... I don't own a cell phone and my business and life function well without one - though I Skype around the world when needed... my computer is my workstation, file system and entertainment center and has made life a lot easier - business wise - could I get along without it? of course... I did before...

  2. We are absolutely relevant because we are made in God's image. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!