A Wuss in Chic Clothing

If ever there was a day when this gal needed some Shania Twain, it was today.  My horrid habit of eating the ice from my drinks caused a filling to crack.  The dentist said it was in need of a crown.  My first crown.  No one told me exactly what to expect.

The appointment was just after the dentist's office opened.  The idea was to go straight from there to my office.  My nice pashmina protected my arms and shoulders from the chill in his office while the heating ramped up. 

Barely after reclining in the chair, he stuck a huge needle in my gum.  "Little sting."  Little sting, my ass.  Those needles weren't that big before.  When did they get so big? 

But the anesthesia worked.  My lip and tongue tingled until they felt as large as a lemon.  By that time, the tingling had subsided and there was no feeling.  That's when the worst of the whole procedure began. 

It's that smell.  Like burning flesh.  Like hair caught in a candle.  And it doesn't stop.  Because he just keeps on and on and on until my tooth is ready for the temporary crown.

Woah, woah, woah.  Temporary?  You mean I have to come back for more?  Heaven help me.

And THEN... the anesthesia wears off.  Can someone just hit me over the head with a bat and knock me out until morning?  Somehow, miraculously, the end of the workday arrived. 

On the drive home, the day was cooling into evening.  But, hey!  If I can stand the pain in my mouth, I sure as hell can stand a little chill.  The convertible top went down, the seat heater went on, and the pashmina wrapped around my head and shoulders to keep my hair from tangling in the wind.  Throw on some shades and I'm ready for my closeup, dahling.


  1. I had a crown made last week. Going to the dentist is always a bad thing.

  2. I am a candy-ass when it comes to dentistry.
    My Dentist cranks up the laughing gas for about 10 minutes, then numbs the area for about 3 minutes with something like "ora-jell" before sticking the novocane needle . I don't feel anything!

  3. Join the club! I got my first a few months ago. The burning bone smell is awful.

    Good for you for putting the roof down! It got up to 70F here today. gail