Antici (Say It) Pation

[Editor's note: Read only within twenty feet of a cold shower. And for Heaven's sake, hide it from the kids.]

I've only had one one-night stand. Except that in all honesty, it really couldn't be called a one-night stand because it lasted five years. It just started as a one-night stand. I knew all the guys, including him, at his former fraternity. He was a grad student and five years my senior.

Back at his apartment we worked up a sweat on that late August night two weeks before classes began. Then dropped down exhausted with only a sheet on top of us as we drifted off to sleep. A few hours later the full moon shining through his open window woke me. It cast enough light to see the field that stretched out beyond his window. Marvelling at the simple beauty of a grey landscape I rolled over to look at him and was surprised to find him propped up on one arm looking at me. His reaching over to stroke my hair led to another hour of sweaty intensity which was followed by more sleep. We awoke at almost the same time the next morning. His first offer wasn't coffee or breakfast or a ride back to my sorority house but another go at it.

Ah, morning sex. It's the best kind there is. You wake from a refreshing sleep raring to go. Damn the alarm clock. Full speed a head. Whether you're gentle and slow and tender or down and dirty, the mental picture stays with you all day. You can reminisce during your wait on line at the bank or during your tedious meeting. You can remember the touch, the feel of hands on skin.

Lots of people seem to picture a tub for two filled to the brim with bubbles and surrounded by scores of tea lights as the epitome of foreplay. But the most seductive of all suggestions is to tell the person what you want to do and then follow up with "What about tomorrow morning? Will it make you late for work?"

Eight hours of waiting for it. Eight hours to have it invade your dreams. Ah, the thrill of it when you finally get that release you've been wanting, been needing. Tell me goodnight but twitter me in the morning.


  1. That was almost as good as the book I just finished!

  2. What to say to that, but wow...sigh..but then again, I get that from a very hot man who I have been married to for almost 9 years now, though he doesn't Twitter me in the morning. He Googles me! ;-)

  3. You should write a book!! That would be a wonderful Valentine's Day! To wake up like that.. *sigh*

  4. Yeah, I wake up like that all the time. Although it would be fun if there were someone else involved occasionally. {giggle}