It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

You know that guy from CNBC who yells all the time? Why is he yelling? Does the title of his show, Mad Money, have anything to do with why he yells? But it brings up an interesting observation.

Have you ever noticed that we’re getting more and more entrenched in our beliefs? You can’t turn on the radio anymore without being bombarded by people yelling about their perceived injustices. Every time you turn on the TV or radio the talking heads are spouting off about something new that we should all be up in arms about. They rally their audience to call in with just as much ire as they have.

What does it do to everyone? It separates us. It keeps us from our full potential. As long as it’s always Us versus Them, it’ll never be We.

The other day on television, I saw that someone I used to work for was claiming something as fact about the new stimulus package. But the actual history that he was “quoting” was exactly the opposite of what he was claiming to be true. He was claiming something as true that was completely false. I should know. It was one of the areas that I covered when I worked for him.

And he was mad about it. He was trying to get his constituents riled up. Knowing his constituents, they’re as mad as he is now. They’ll be calling into the talk radio shows with their hatred for all things out of their comfort zone. And we’ll still be divided.

It’s time to do the hard thing. Tell all the fear-mongers to sit down and shut up. It’s time to do the even harder thing. Realize that it’ll take all of us. Because we’re all in this together. If the ship goes down, it’s taking all of us with it.


  1. I think something like what you have described shows that many people have a lot invested in disunity.

    I find people like Rush Limbaugh to be quite frightening. Saying that you would like to see the nation's economic system collapse rather than the other party being successful is deeply disturbing.

  2. It does seem like some have taken their freedom to complain to insane heights, as though they are simply trying to one up each other no matter the cost. Extremism is rampant on both sides, lately I have been feeling like more of us moderates need to speak out too. Good job!

    As far as the bubbly goes, I need to pull it out of hiding tonight, I didn't drink it earlier but I did pick up some orange juice to mix it with that is my favorite way to enjoy the bubbly! Thanks again.

  3. I don't have a problem with people expressing their opinions, but I do have a problem with those same people not listening to anybody elses opinions. Like theirs is the only one that matters. Maybe if they would shut up and listen they just might learn something.

  4. My problem with the economic crisis is that I was raised with the belief that you don't solve a money problem by soley throwing money at it. Thst solves nothing. You have to get to the root cause of the problem. I don't see anyone being willing to do that. Democrat or Republican. I just see huge amounts or money being thrown into a hole, never to be seen again, and at the end of the day, I do not see this solving anything. In a year, there will have to be another stimulus package, because this did not have the desired effect. I am worried that our children and grandchildren and their children are going to be paying for this long after we are gone. If that is fearmongering, I guess that I am guilty. But we are paying our bills and staying above water and living within our means and not going to feel guilty about it. We have priorities and that is not to have the government take care of us.

    Hope that we are still friends after you read this.

  5. Ugh. I'm so tired of political yelling. It's not about what's right for the country anymore - only on which party will "win."