Yen and Yank

Suffering through withdrawal is a real bear. That relentless headache and those sore muscles can stop even the most active person in her tracks. Which they did to me this week.

My withdrawal is from caffeine. Yep, the earlier blog on switching back to decaf was written before the abrupt halt and the symptoms began. When you go cold turkey, those symptoms can knock you on your arse. Even talking to friends couldn't lure me away from my fetal position.

To recap, caffeine is a diuretic. Check. Had the water retention so bad it hurt to bend my fingers. Caffeine opens up the blood vessels. Check. Those suckers clamped down tighter 'an a drum. No blood flow to the brain? Well that was the massive headache. No blood flow to the extremities? That was the shivering.

There may be residual amounts of caffeine still floating around on some mitochondrial level somewhere in there; but, I think my body has flushed most of it away. After the past few days of feeling like I've been through the wringer, I'll be sure to satisfy my yearning for the flavor of coffee with a decaf from now on.


  1. Yikes! Almost makes me want to give up my beloved Vanilla Coke!

  2. I am so not ready to give up my Diet Coke with Lime! Just not, not gonna do it, well, not while I am still on vacation..have you been by the blog?

  3. I wondered why you haven't been visiting as much this week!! Good for you! Giving up coffee is a trial, so I'm proud of you for doing it. Hope you're feeling much better, now..

  4. I love my coffee. It's my only vice... since I gave up soda 10 yrs ago and even iced tea 3 yrs ago. I'm strictly a water and coffee girl. I've cut back to 2 cups a day (that's all my acid reflux will allow before the elephant sits on my chest) but I am sooo not ready or willing to quit.
    But I wish you lots of luck.