Valentine's Swap

Fresh off the press! Pictures of the swap spread. My swap buddy was S.L. Here is the whole kit and caboodle that she sent.

A close up of the adorable card.

Here are the dish towels and the pretty plates.

The card-making or scrapbooking supplies, plus the candies, the heart-shaped bathtub grippies, and the little mailbox.

Here's a close up of the little mailbox, soon to be filled.

Thanks to S.L. for the best Valentine's Swap!!!


  1. Wow- what a great haul of goodies :-)

  2. my cats hang out in there all the time. I have a shower chair and sometimes it's in the tub. I drape a towel over the chair and the cats lays under it like kids playing tent. One on top and one under it. Once time there was all 6 in there...lots of hissing and spitting. They love the tub.

  3. Wow, she did good and you got good!

  4. Too cool! I feel like I didn't do so great with the swap items this time. I need to work on my gift giving skills. I really enjoyed yours and loved the theme. Sounds like you had a great valentines dinner! I am hungry now and I just ate after reading the description!