Snackin' Heat

Jennifer Hudson? Beautiful. The Boss? Rockin'. The ads? Creative. The game? Incredible. The food? Depends.

According to some news sources, the average person's choice of finger foods racked up as many calories as some people should consume in an entire day. Stop the grumbling. I can hear you, "Why didn't you write about this last week?" Would knowing that eight buffalo wings and four tablespoons of blue cheese dip pack 920 calories have stopped you from having another one?

It now seems that everywhere you turn you're bombarded with ways to exercise more, cut calories, and decrease your waist size. "Yeah, Wifey, even here." So, whatcha gonna do? Other than the hour and a quarter of vigorous push-ups to offset those eight wings and blue cheese, what are YOU doing to watch your bottom line? I need all the suggestions I can get, 'cause all those beers last night really add up.

And one last thing. Go Steelers!!!


  1. Some nights and events are not meant to be counted!

  2. giggle-
    I just stuck to the beer!
    I was in San Fran offered chili dogs- and couldn't bring myself to eat them! It was a dive bar- and I didn't dare!!!

    Was a great game none the less!
    But I was rooting for Arizona!
    Oh well- I'm a Packers fan! So what do I care!!