Talk Shirty to Me

How hard is it to schedule a little nookie? Get out your PDA. Let's compare schedules.

"Thursday night?"

"Nope, got belay training. What about Saturday morning?"

"Isn't that the Bar Mitzvah? What about Sunday?"

"We've got the Girl Scout cookie booth after which I'll just want to sleep. What about Monday or Tuesday morning?"

"I've got meetings those mornings."

"What about phone sex while I'm running errand? I've got to pick up the laundry on Monday after ballet."

"Okay, then, between dancing and dry cleaning you can whisper sweet nothings through the phone line."

"Deal. Now could I go to sleep, please? My meds are making me woozy."


  1. Okay, woman. You make a comittment to so many things. You are going to have to make some time for a little something-something with the hubs! You are a grown up first...and what is that saying? If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I wonder if that goes for daddy, too? ;-)

  2. Amen - mom and dad need to get some happy time going.

  3. Hey, ain't nuttin' wrong with a little dirty talkin' on the phone as long as it's not your only, er, you know...

    Don't ask me how I know.