Where in the World Should The Gaelic Wife Go?

One week. That's all the time you've got to vote in the poll on the top right side of my page. My husband and I decided that I needed some Me Time. Alone. Preferably in a different city. So, here are the pros and cons of each. Don't forget to vote!

London - Cons: It'll still be dark and cold and dreary. The dollar isn't doing too well against the pound. The last time I was in London was with my father who recently passed away. Pros: They speak English. There are great theatres and museums to keep me busy so I don't think too much about my troubles. The last time I was in London was with my father.

Paris - Cons: They speak French. The dollar isn't doing too well against the euro. The first time I was in Paris was with my father. Pros: I speak French. Lots of museums and restaurants. The first time I was in Paris was with my father.

San Juan - Cons: Not much to do except the beach and I'm fair skinned (Gaelic, remember). Getting to the resort you pass such abject poverty that you feel guilty indulging in such luxury. They speak Spanish. Pros: It's still in the US, so no passport or changing money. It'll be warm and sunny. El Yunque.

Remember, vote early, vote often! Polls close on Monday, March 23rd at noon Eastern Time.


  1. First you should check your exchange rates. The dollar is again the refuge for security and is doing much better against the Euro and Pound than a year ago. I voted London because I know the City much better than Paris and would find it more relaxing. Still, a week to explore Paris would be grand too. Galway and Eire will have to wait until 2010.

  2. When are you going? April in Paris would be nice. April is London might not be too bad either.

  3. I'm not a fan of Paris...it rained while I was there. I LOVED London, but the dreary weather would get to me if I was by myself. I'm all about warm, sunny weather though. My vote is for San Juan.

    Have fun wherever you decide to go!

  4. A trip anywhere would be really nice!

  5. I voted London because of your love of literature and big-ass words. Ha! HOWEVER, I think the Ireland suggestion is perfect. Maybe even Scotland. Eh, Lassie - can't ya see yerself lookin' oot ooover the White Cliffs o' Dover? Drinkin' 'n dancin' in a lovely Irish pub? HELL yeah!