Tide Your Love Away

Facebook is still relatively new to me. My account is active. There are friends on my list. People invite me to join their causes. But I find that most of the folks asking me for friend requests are all high school acquaintances. Not even friends. Sure, I was friendly with them in high school, but they didn’t share my favorite things nor my innermost yearnings.

Finally a blast from the past shows up on Facebook who makes me really excited about going online. He’s an old boyfriend. Not just any former boyfriend, but the only other guy I dated than my husband who was of the same political bent as me and, more importantly, my father.

When my now-husband-then-boyfriend asked for my hand in marriage, all he had to tell my father was that he was of the same political party for my father to agree. After that, they stood in the backyard and dissed all my other boyfriends whom my father called Nazis, including one CIA operative, because they were all of the “other side”.

So the “Facebook Former” as we’ll call him friends me out of the blue. His profile pic looks just like he did over 20 years ago. Back then he was a respected lawyer in a small town about 45 miles from my hometown as well as a seminar professor at one of the upper tier law schools in my home state. He wanted me to become a law partner with him and settle down and have his kids. His mistake back then was not formalizing things by actually asking me to marry him; he just assumed.

Guess he found out the hard way that I am just like time and tide; I wait for no man. I wonder if he still assumes too much.


  1. Wow really? I think part of me might have a coronary if an old boyfriend friended me on FB! I have run across my ex-husband on the friends list of some of my old high school friends - that was creepy enough. lol

  2. Friends from High school on Facebook...I accept them all...You'd be surprised at how many actually are interested in the things that you are. And the pathes their lives have taken....I've made an actual friend of one tht I didn't even know in school...I just shared a class with her sister.

    You just never know.

  3. I think something is wrong with me. I have absolutely no desire to seek out former high school buddies/acquaintances. I graduated from a cliche-ish small school that I attended for only two years. It was a tough time to switch schools and a tough place to make friends. When I left there I didn't leave anything for which I need to go back.

  4. I am not that interested in going back to my high school years. Too much drama and angst. I moved on, and apparently, now I am the one who lives the farthest away. I too would not want to find my ex on facebook.