A Bathroom Stall Built for Two

How embarrassing!

Last night every room in the house was occupied with kids and noise. With my husband working late and my pain meds’ keeping me from anything very productive like my PTA or Girl Scout paperwork or finishing the next chapter in my latest book, mindless online puzzles were the way to go. After finishing three puzzles within ten minutes, my attention turned to something even more mindless in hopes of putting me to sleep for the night. Online quizzes.

According to those scientific gems of personality discernment, I am 15% Bitchy, 12% Girly, if I were a Green Army Man, I’d be the Machine-Gun Soldier, I’m attracted to both good boys and bad boys, my true zodiac sign is Leo (which it actually is), my ideal mate is an Aries or a Gemini, and, here’s the shocker, guess where I should have sex next? (Yeah, I know, it’s a weird quiz but, hey, the TV had been commandeered by the kids.)

A Public Bathroom! I’m sorry, I always considered myself more of a Carrie than a Samantha.


  1. Yucky. Did it say where the Public bathroom would be located?

  2. No. So rather than some filthy bus terminal, I could opt for one of the highly maintained, door-to-the-floor versions in one of the swanky restaurants in the new hip section of town. But I still stand by my opening sentence in the blog.

  3. I hope it's not one of those roadside park rendezvous scenarios. Those never seem to work out well. Just ask PeeWee Herman and George Michael. I think one of those public toilets that are made of one-way glass might be kinda cool. You're in there vo-dee-oh-doing and watching people just walk by staring at you (but not seeing you). Ha!

  4. Gross. Not a public bathroom. I couldn't ever do that.