Curious Georgia

Am I crazy to take my Girl Scout troop of fourth and fifth grade girls to Savannah for five days? Three years ago, the troop of fourth, fifth and sixth grade girls went to New York City for four days and had a blast. It's more bravery than insanity. Well, maybe a combination of the two.

At last night's end-of-the-year Leaders' Meeting, one volunteer (who is celebrating her 50th year in Girl Scouts) reminded the group that for the longest time the city of Savannah didn't like the Girl Scout troops coming to visit the Birthplace because the citizens thought the Girl Scouts were too rowdy. (Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, lived and began the first Girl Scout troop in Savannah. Her house, known as the Birthplace, offers programs for troops and is also open to the public for tours.)

The Birthplace closed for renovations for a while and guess what? The tourist dollars vanished. When the Birthplace reopened, the city was much more inviting to Girl Scouts, welcoming us with open arms, even catering to us with tour packages created specifically for Girl Scouts.

It's funny how powerful the Almighty Dollar can be. I guess money can buy happiness, or at least acceptance.


  1. Girl Scouts are rowdy? Noisy yes but hardly rowdy. Savannah should consider hosting a motorcycle bike week and then they could have rowdy. Myrtle Beach SC has ended its bike week because the motorcycles were too much trouble. I wonder whether they will miss the dollars as well.

  2. FUN!! The Birthplace, Paula Deen, the trees, the old houses, the cool shoppes...I wish I could go with y'all!