We Did It

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you know what's been going on in Iran since their election. Iran blames the U.S. and Britain for the demonstrations and unrest. In my book, it's all America's fault.

Not that we have CIA operatives stirring things up. But that we are the ones who made it possible for the Iranians themselves to stay in touch with each other and the world, no matter how hard the Iranian government tries to stop them.

I'm talking about cellphones, Facebook, and Twitter. All of those technologies utilize good old American inventions like the Internet and GPS which were made available to the citizens of the world thanks to the ingenuity of Americans. So bring on the accusations of American instigation. The 2009 Summer of Iranian Unrest, brought to you by the American people.


  1. Yea us!! I think is great that the government can't stop them.. of course, they may not think that if enough of them die. But, I'm betting it will change the country for the better..
    Good thought.

  2. I think the view in our media that a regime change would make a substantative difference to our interests is amusing and wrong.

    This situation is akin to having Richard Nixon in office with his opponent in the election being Dick Cheney. If the Iranian Cheney were to win there would be very little difference in how Iran was run from our perspective (and perhaps from theirs).

  3. I just hope we don't go in there to "liberate" them so that they can have "democracy"...still... everyone is forgetting that the Iatollah is where the buck stops in Iran... and when one goes another will step in... it doesn't matter who their president is.

  4. Personally, I don't think this unrest is anywhere near the '78-'79 proportion. And I doubt seriously that we'd go in just to establish a democracy. Since all three candidates were vetted and offered up by the Ayatollah, having one or the other as President won't change Iran. True liberation will only come when the people decide on liberation. American intervention seems to backfire everywhere we "help" (see Vietnam in the '70s, Afghanistan in the '80s, Somalia in the '90s). My prophecy is that true revolution in Iran won't be happening anytime soon.