There He Was, Just a-Swimmin' in the Pool

Going to a gym can be as much entertainment as it is exercise. On the main exercise floor are the gym rats. Don't forget about the older ladies in silent competition.

Yesterday's vigorous session on the stationary bike and pirouette practice in the studio was followed by a relaxing stretching session. But what followed the stretching topped everything. As I rounded the corner from the stretching area to head back to the locker room, there was a gaggle of women peering through the windows which overlook the pool. What in heaven's name could draw such attention?

A quick look and... Oh, well, then, that explains it! The pool was overrun with men!

The women began to critique each and every one. I stood silent, taking in their comments and judging the validity of those comments for myself. Until it dawned on me that we were doing the exact same thing that men get called on the rug for - objectifying them. Down the the locker room I went.

But passing the window and the women on my way out, I couldn't help but steal one last look. If only I could whistle.


  1. Just popping by (nice place ya have here by the way) to let you know that Jane! from Emptying The Nest will be guest blogging tomorrow--and I know you will have missed her as much as I have.
    Her guest post will be here:
    please come and say hello to her-maybe we can get her to come back like blogging. Kind of like bringing a box of wine to the intervention.

  2. LOL!! I guess we do have to follow the same rules we make, huh?? More fun to just look anyway..lol