Death Be Not Plowed

There has been no exercise regimen in my life since Christmas.  No ballet.  No swimming.  No free weights.  No Pilates.  Nada.  Nil.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zero.

But my doctor and my health coach (she comes with the health care plan at Mr. Gaelic's office) want me to exercise to help reduce my cholesterol.  It's above the normal range.  Plus my LDL cholesterol is too high and my HDL is too low. 

The health coach calls me every three weeks to discuss my plan.  The first homework was to come up with a plan to exercise.  The next homework was to start implementing the plan.  My plan, it turns out, was overly ambitious.  It fell flat just two days into it.  Actually it fell into the couch halfway through the 15-minute exercise DVD along with my assertions of "I'm gonna die.  I can't breathe.  She's trying to kill me."

Today's plan was to take a nice slow-paced bike ride along the bike trail into the city.  The problem was all the rain last night created a very humid morning.  Riding next to the river and the low-hanging fog made it all the worse, bordering on Amazonian-rain-forest humidity.

It wasn't until the bike route turned away from the river that the perspiration on my arms, and tummy, and back, and forehead, and you get the picture, began to dry.  By the time I reached the office garage, it was like riding on a nice spring day.  No more feeling like a draught horse tied to a plow.


  1. I've been taking a drug, tricor, and niacin to try and increase my hdl (along with exercising endlessly.)

  2. Bless your heart - literally and figuratively!

    How far did you bike?

  3. @Laoch, We're trying the exercise route first. Is your niacin OTC?

    @gail, 8 miles. Spaghetti legs last night. Sore bum today.

  4. I have an exercise plan, it's the implementing that I have trouble with~

  5. Yeah... planning is good.. implementing.. not so much. I have to be so specific and non aerobic, and all these weird things for my heart, which is EXACTLY opposite from everything you usually WANT to do for your heart, that it's almost undoable... My heart is TOO STRONG!!! So I can't do cardio, cause it will only get stiffer, and bigger. I would give good money to be able to bike ride.. My step daughter and I used to ride by the river in Jax. I love it.. but...Hope it gets less humid, so you can enjoy it for a few months, til it gets too hot. You can do it!!

  6. I've been advised that my low impact exercise routine, flopping in the recliner and running through the channels on the remote is insufficient, even if I do alternate channel surfing thumbs. THE BOSS (and my doctor) says that just because the DMV and Social Security say I'm disabled doesn't mean I can't get off my butt and exercise more. Guess I'll have to start going to the rec center. They've got a great Jacuzzi and I can get a great workout poppin' bubbles until I look like a prune!

  7. Walk, walk, walk and increasing Omega 3 and 9.(Not from supplements but food). Western diets are too high in 6. I'm sure you already know this.

    Congrats on the ride.