No Noise Is Good Noise

Technology is amazing.  Apparently the forecasters are able to predict days in advance the massive storms, whether snowpocalypse in the mid-Atlantic two years ago or the tornadoes across the South in the last few days.  An update from FEMA came to my email inbox yesterday warning about severe storm in Alabama today.

After leaving work early today in advance of a possible tornado watch, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the computer.  The streaming weather report from a news station in Birmingham ran in the background as other weather sites were checked.  The long track tornado began in eastern Mississippi following I-20/59 northeast through downtown Tuscaloosa, near the airport in Birmingham, and the United Methodist Church in Goshen.

Watching the videos that became available, my mind raced to my childhood, growing up traveling those roads, visiting those towns with my parents to visit family friends, eating at the Krispy Kreme in Tuscaloosa.  I know those places.  As the tornado made its way along the general path of the interstate, I didn't want to stop watching until it was certain that my hometown was safe.  As a genealogist, my concern and worry even touched on the old graveyards where my ancestors are buried.  Who would right their headstones if the tornado hit the cemetery?

As the tornado tracked to the south of my hometown, my attention turned to possible tornadic activity a few counties away from my current home.  It's quiet out there right now.  Please no freight train noise during the night. 


  1. Being from Oklahoma, I can sympathise with worrying about tornados..I hope your hometown made it through and isn't one of the many hit. It's awful there, and I hope you haven't lost anyone. Stay safe..the weather is so weird this year!

  2. I was coming on here to ask if the tornadoes were affecting you Wifie, and am glad you are not in the firing line I'm watching it on TV right now as I type, it is just so frightening yet awesome at the same time. I hope they soon die out as they have claimed enough lives. Keep safe

  3. I pray that you and yours are safe. My heart is breaking for those who have lost so much.