What Does It Say About Me?

If you're new to The Writer's Kaffeeklatsch, about three months ago my left ring finger was shattered in a fall on icy steps.  The ER cut off my wedding rings.  A few days later the doctor operated and inserted five pins into one little tiny bone.  Two months of physical therapy have led to increased mobility.  Yet my finger still isn't straight and won't bend to touch the palm of my hand without help.

My wedding rings were cut into halves -- the engagement ring is in two pieces and the wedding band is in two pieces.  The tragedy isn't my still-swollen finger; it's the loss of my grandmother's wedding band.

Even when my finger has been wrapped in the baby Ace bandage, the knuckle is very swollen.  The physical therapist measured it last week.  My finger was originally a size 6.  Now it's a 9 1/2.  My heart sank when she told me that.

Yet I still have my mother's wedding rings.  We have the same size fingers.  Or at least we did until this. 

One of my friends wear his wedding ring on his right hand because his wife is European and that's the custom where she's from.  There's an idea!  My mother's rings went over my right ring knuckle with a little effort.  But not so much that it was painful.  And there they'll stay until my left ring finger is back to some semblance of normalcy.

A quick search online for a photo of right-hand wedding rings happened upon the "meanings" of wearing the rings on the right hand.  Some possibilities are:
  • Widowhood
  • Left-handedness
  • Sentimentality for family heirlooms
  • Infidelity
  • Gays or lesbians
  • Cultural, specifically Polish, Colombian, Greek, Indian, or Eastern Orthodox
Well, well, well.  Are those all the possibilities?  That's all my search turned up.  Maybe I'll start a new trend.  Who says your wedding rings have to be on your left hand anyway?


  1. I hope your rehab goes better on your finger.

  2. I read once that the left hand ring finger was chosen for wedding bands because it was once believed that there's a vein in it that leads directly to one's heart.
    That sounds quite romantic to me but also a load of bunk so I say wear them on your right hand. Problem solved.

  3. Oh it's so hard to suffer broken bones and fingers are so fundamental, not only because they carry our rings but for their functionality. I hope it heals soon.

  4. What about the middle finger on the left. Will they fit there at all? Might be a possiblity... otherwise, I agree with dbs. That was the reason the L was chosen, but it's not true, so R to the rescue!! You know what it means, and so does Mr. Gaelic, so that's all that matters..

  5. Right hand - go for it! Are your grandmother's rings fixable??

  6. A little late, but personally to much meaning attached to symbolism. I've seen rings worn on necklaces, doesn't get "closer" than that.

    Hope the finger improves.