The Touch, The Feel of Gaelic

There are five senses.  Yet there are only four here so far in my non-Bucket List list.  There have been sight, sound, smell, and taste.  Have you ever realised that most of your senses are located in the head region?  The only one that covers more than just the head region is touch. 

What is on my want-to-feel-before-I-die list?  This:
  • The Dead Sea keeping me afloat
  • My grandbaby's soft skin
  • The wind from a tornado as I chase the storm (with a professional, of course)
  • Spray from the ocean on my face while sailing in the Greek Isles
  • The silkiness of my daughters' wedding dresses
  • Sheets made of silk
  • Weightlessness
  • Cool dirt while digging for truffles
  • Spongy trails as the elevation increases on Denali
  • My wedding rings on my left ring finger (they were cut off when I shattered the bone in my finger and won't be repaired until there is no more swelling in my finger)
That's also an update on my finger.  The pins are beginning to hurt under the skin.  They'll need to come out at some point.  When I make a fist, my finger still sticks out at an odd angle.  But physical therapy is continuing and small progress is made each week.  As the professionals tell me, it may take a year before my finger is stabilized.  And it may never be back to normal -- in size or in how straight it is.

Perhaps Number 11 on the list should be "a day without pain in the finger."  But whining doesn't feel so good either.  So we'll stop at Ten.


  1. Your finger sounds painful and uncomfortable. Hopefully it will improve along with the weather.

  2. My very own kilt. (One for my son too.) The embossed print on the cover of my book.

  3. I love these lists! You're so thoughtful about things. Maybe #11 would be for your finger to "feel" normal??lol Hope you're doing well with working and your hand is improving.

  4. That's some list and somehow to me the wish for a pain free finger might go first. To me in any hierarchy of needs, the absence of pain is most important.

  5. What Jean said. I can imagine each thing you list in my mind's eye. I like that expression, mind's eye.

    I pray for your continued healing and the ability to wear your wedding rings.

  6. @Laoch, As long as my finger doesn't become a predicter of the weather.

    @dbs, I have a kilt. In my maternal tartan. I can't bring myself to buy a kilt of my husband's tartan. Hmmm... idea for a blog? "What Wifey won't honor her husband by wearing his tartan"

    @Jean, "Feel" normal would be good.

    @Elisabeth, I agree. Absence of pain is important.

    @gail, Thank you for your continued prayers.

  7. I do feel it for you re your finger, I've been plagued with arthritis in my hands for some time and some days it's jaw clenching sore, I can't make a fist with my right hand.
    On lists i'd like to see my grandchildren be blessed with another sense.... good sense. and hopefully they won't make silly mistakes.