Brown Thumb

Seriously. How hard is it to keep plants alive? You water them when they're dry. Fertilize them every so often. Make sure they have the required amount of sunlight.

The cactus that a neighbor passed my way last year has proven my undoing. How many people can claim to have killed a cactus? But last night, after inspecting the surrounding plants, there lay it's corpse. A shrivelled, deflated shell of a plant.

Was it overwatered? Underwatered? Too much light? Not enough light? Having grown up in the lushness of the American Southeast, cacti are an exotic breed for which I, apparently, am ill-suited to grow.

Hmm... Guess I'll stick to things I know and cover our house and trees and telephone poles with kudzu.


  1. Isn't it too cold up yonder for cacti? Or too wet?

    I've discovered that my one thing I can't kill is English Ivy. And some kind of viney, weedy thing from the poison oak family that has invaded the back of my house. I've pulled, cut, and sprayed 'til I'm blue in the face and it keeps coming back. Glad I'm not allergic to it!

  2. Sadly I share your brown thumb.