I Need a Nikon Camera

Recently a friend asked me why my profile picture on a different website is a series of pinups. That’s a good question that dredged up memories of a past boyfriend. He was my first boyfriend after the big move away from my college town. He was a CIA operative that I met at a church function during the heyday of the Reagan years. Jeez, that’s really dating myself!

The Spook never left home without his camera. A fabulous thing with different length lenses tucked neatly in his camera bag along with extra rolls of film. After a few outings, he presented me with his recent portfolio. Fifty percent of the frames were candid shots of me. Why? His answer still makes me smile; he found me very attractive. Not something I heard very often, if ever, during my formative years. But girls always like guys to think they look good – and tell them so. And often.

The Spook and I spent an occasional weekend just sitting on the deck of his house taking pictures. He would tell me how to turn my head, where to gaze, when to wet my lips. His work was always stunning.

I’ve been tempted to pull out some of those old photos and scan them to use as my profile pic. But that was over 20 years and three kids ago. Maybe it’s time to find another master with a camera. And become a muse again.


  1. Good for a spy to have good camera skills!

  2. To hell with the camera. I just want a fella to tell me he thinks I'm attractive! *sigh*

  3. lol lol lol
    You mean the headless knitting woman here is NOT you?

  4. I luv takin' pictures of my Suzy. She, unlike you, doesn't really appreciate it though... or so she sez. ;o)