Arbitron Rated Lads and Lassies

The problem with having two teenagers in the house is that life can get excruciatingly loud as each one tries to be heard over the other. Over time my deaf ear has tuned out their "conversations" and other small annoyances.

But one thing that is still difficult to handle is waking up to a cacophony of musical tastes competing over the hallway airwaves. It's as if broadcasting their lives via their choice in music to the neighborhood is the only way to achieve standing among their peers.

Thank goodness the weekend is upon us. That blissful time when those sweet, adorable little teenagers sleep until noon and when looking in on your progeny makes you smile rather than grit your teeth and remark that "some animals eat their young".


  1. What do teenagers listen to these days?

  2. Laoch, I'm not sure. I was going to check their iPods but don't know where the iPods are. And the teenagers are in repose right now. I'll let you know when I find out.

  3. Come on...isn't there still that little part of you that likes to crank up the music? DO IT!! It's awesome. I'm 52 years old (ugh) and I still crank it up in the car and while I'm doing housework. Of course, sometimes it's more of a case of me not being able to frickin' HEAR anymore as opposed to me being really "cool." Ha.