Oh Vodka Mom... Can I Join You in a Martini?

The middle daughter is now living under the jailhouse. In the past 72 hours, she:
  • Brought home a report card in which the highest grade was a B, which was in PE, and the core classes weren't up to her fullest potential.
  • Didn't attend her sister's recital.
  • Slept through church, when her sister played the voluntary to close two services. And the pièce de résistance...
  • Got kicked out of the church youth group last night.

The repercussions?

  • No cell phone
  • No computer access (all passwords were changed last night) except for schoolwork which will be proctored by Yours Truly
  • No walking home from school with friends
  • If she stays after school with a teacher, she brings a note from the teacher.

For how long?

  • Until the next progress report showing improvement in her grades, or
  • Until the next report card showing improvement in her grades, or
  • Until her rude behavior towards parental units changes, or
  • Until her 21st birthday.

Whichever comes first.

As I told the youth minister last night after he called me to pick her up, I could really use one of his Mint Juleps.


  1. Oh my. Is this a new phase? Remember I don't get to experience these moments of parental joy.


  2. I was surly for three weeks when I was fourteen. At the end of the third week my parents, who by then were sick of me, told me I had one more week to change my attitude or they'd change it for me. What? Throwing down a gauntlet to a moody teenager? Sooooo...at the end of the fourth week when my attitude hadn't changed, they sure enough kept to their word. Mother held me down and Daddy whipped me with a belt. The first time EVER in my LIFE. It was like shock treatment. I sure hated to give in but I did... I'm not suggesting this AT ALL, you just triggered a memory.