Smells Like Teen Embarrassment

Last night was the annual fashion show. My girls and I have modeled the past four years for the show. It's a five-hour commitment when you add in time for hair and makeup. Especially this year when there were many more stores and outfits to model.

Our outfits ran the gamut of a shabby-chic Juicy Couture jacket to a black illusion cocktail dress. Unfortunately, no wedding dresses like the one I modeled last year. The two teenagers' had one set of outfits that were both very boho. By the time those outfits came around, both the teenagers had loosened up from their first pass down the catwalk. It was good that they wore the pajamas for the first round and got them out of the way early.

Following the boho outfits, they split stores. While one modeled an adorable Kay Unger pink tweed suit and red peep-toe heels, the other modeled a strapless maxi dress that could be worn day or evening. As she finished up her last turn ready to leave the stage, the emcee announced that it was her seventeenth birthday.

Can you believe it? She didn't turn red or die of embarrassment right there. Can you believe it? My eldest baby is Seventeen! That makes me... oh, dear.


  1. 17 is a nice age, happy birthday to her.

  2. Ahhh 17, such a wonderful age.. I'm glad they mentioned it. Hope you all had fun at the fashion show. We have one here every year, that my mom models for! It's fun.. Hope you're enjoying spring at least a little.

  3. If she is 17 you are...38? Oh that is so ancient.....not. I am 45 and A is 20.