Man About Down

Calling all friends, neighbors, acquaintances, blog buddies with pools! My poor overworked bod, sore from too much ballet, too much taking care of sick kiddies, and too few margaritas, needs some spa time. Hopefully something less expensive than a day at an actual spa.

Swimming pools just make so many activities more enjoyable. What better way to spend some time than at a boozy weekend throwdown for those of us who can’t afford a weekend in the Hamp’s? Okay, okay. You supply the pool, I’ll supply the booze. Hell, I’ll even supply the guests.

So, call me. I’m waiting to hear from you. Swimsuit and towel in hand.


  1. Come on down... I'll wash out Timber's wading pool, float a candle in it, clean your toenails with a toothpick, put a sprig of parsley on your plate of nachos, and I'll guarantee the beer will be cold. Redneck Spa Day!!!

  2. Come on back! I've got a whole lake right out the front door!!lol We can just drink and swim (or just float) all weekend! My dad will probably even play bartender!