Blush Blush, Keep It Down Now

Two back-to-back compliments came my way yesterday. The content and the speakers completely floored me.

A group of us ladies carpooled downtown for our State Society DAR luncheon. The ballroom was packed with close to 500 of us. Given where the luncheon was held, the food was much better than our regular local chapter meeting luncheon fare. Hats were everywhere; but only the pages wore white gloves.

Following the luncheon, my carpool companions wanted to walk over to the DAR building for some shopping at all the vendors who occupied the perimeter of the hall and the entire basement level. My sole purpose for shopping was with the official jeweler to buy my two state pins (the state of my chapter as well as the state of my patriot) and chapter officer pin.

Finding a seat amongst the vendors was difficult so I moved outside. Since my carpool mates would be exiting the door I was perched near, I decided to wait outside after pinning my new purchases onto my ribbon. My hat shaded my face from the sun as I enjoyed the fresh air. Two ladies walked past on their way into the hall. I looked up through my sunglasses and smiled.

"You look just like Audrey Hepburn," the first lady said as she passed.

The second lady, quick on the first's heels, topped it with, "You're beautiful."

Taken aback with embarrassment, I mustered a "Thank You". Women love to hear that we're beautiful. Especially from the men in our lives. When it comes from another woman, we begin to wonder why our men don't say things like that more often, without prompting.


  1. Very cool! I'm sure you were beautiful sitting out there with your hat and sunglasses on.. I don't know why men can't get it through their heads that they would be waaaaaaay ahead if they'd just learn to compliment us sometimes.. tell us we're beautiful, bring us chocolate or flowers, and they'd live like kings!!LOL Why are they so stupid???

  2. That is why I blog anonymusly...I can't spell it but you get the idea.

    my IP is from Illinois...and That's not where I am.

    All compliments are welcome...no matter where they come from. Being told you're beautiful by a woman has no strings attached.

  3. That was a nice thing for them to say.

    Men do not do it more often because it makes them appear to be a Beta rather than an Alpha.

  4. What nice compliments!

    I get mine from the hubs all the time. After all he says that I am spoiled and a princess, and he calls me beautiful all the time. I am blessed!

  5. shamefully, i'm the type who throws compliments around usually when i want something ;)

  6. indeed i am, what name do i find you under? or if you're already pals on fb with nora, shupe, jean or shana you could ask any 1 of them to suggest me as a friend & i'll add you that way :)