Why Em See Ay Oh Em Gee

Yesterday at the gym was quite thrilling. Having skipped a week for college visits with my eldest, my idea was to do only fifteen minutes on the stationary bike. But there were several other differences that lead to my thrilling workout.

My legs are long enough that the seat should have been raised one notch higher than I usually keep it at. So up the seat went a notch.

As the pedaling began it quickly became apparent that my trim in the shower was a little shorter than it usually is. Combined with the increased pressure on the bicycle seat from the extended legs, the steady round and round and round of the machine got more than my heart rate going.

It wasn’t even two minutes into the workout that things began to really get going. Thankfully there was no one to look at other than a few older men on the weight machines and a couple of overweight women on the treadmills. My thoughts were able to bring me back without making a spectacle of myself.

Just what the gym needs, a woman enjoying herself on the bike a little too much.


  1. This seems profoundly unfair somehow.

  2. hehe, maybe you'll start a trend! I could see biking getting VERY popular if it's that much fun!!LOL

  3. Laoch, you're just green with envy.

    Jean, if only more women knew...

  4. like the Canadians say, Oih!

    why'd I have to read all of your blogs..