Woe and Behold

How often can an ex-boyfriend make you cry? Perhaps it depends on whether he remains a part of your life. That’s what Facebook Former did last night. Made me weep buckets.

He didn’t rehash any arguments or relive any adventures. He did something much more endearing. He sent me a picture of my father’s grave marker.

Facebook Former lives just up the road a ways from my hometown. He visits my hometown quite often on business. Knowing that I hadn’t seen a picture of my father’s grave marker yet, he offered to take a picture if I supplied the directions to the grave. That’s when Google Earth comes in handy. The zoomed-in section of the cemetery accompanied the directions in an email.

Last night while I was online, an alert popped up on my screen announcing a new email from Facebook Former. No subject line. Just a quick two sentences telling me that he ran into a judge who was also one of my father’s pallbearers and that the judge sent his greetings. This is what happens when you’re from a small town; everyone knows everyone. And the attached picture. Just one frame. But enough to tear at my heart.

Even though both of my parents are now deceased, as long as Facebook Former remains a part of my life, the ties to that small town will never be cut.


  1. Do you WANT to cut ties, or is that why you're hangin' on to the old friend? You might cut ties with people, but the place where you grew up is a part of you. It molded you into you. I don't think, unless you get amnesia, that you'll ever actually cut ties with [that place]. Not only that but if it's dust to dust, ashes to ashes, then eventually the people you love who are buried there are actually part of the land, making a part of YOU also a part of the land.

    Okay, rambling...I'll stop.

  2. I am so sorry for you. That is tough.

  3. I think it is important to retain ties to your past. Having had my memory damaged it is hard to explain to people how disconcerting that can be and how comforting remembering those we were close to can be.