Gaelic's Addiction

Mr. Gaelic let me have a subscription to a genealogical website. In the past few days, several new pieces to the puzzle that is my family history have fallen in my lap. It's a treasure trove.

Photos of family cemeteries in remote parts of the country, including closeups of the actual grave markers; old family photographs of long-ago ancestors; military records that almost prove a line I've been working on for ten years. And the biggest catch was closing the loop on a family dispersed in the mid-1860s by a horrific double murder of the parents. Just what everyone always fears - finding an axe-murderer in the family closet. Thankfully, he was a brother-in-law to my direct ancestor.

The trouble is that now I'm even more addicted to the research than I was before.


  1. My husband has done the genealogy for his father's and mother side of the family and has gone all the way back to the year 950 something, to countries and regions that no longer or haven't existed for hundreds of years. My mother in law's family is related to Pocahantas! They have been traced all the way back to 1st generation Americans. Fun stuff to read.

  2. Wow... how cool. I've thought about doing that but.... just haven't. Very interesting though.