Dishing the Flirt

Remember the scene from Freaky Friday when Jamie Lee Curtis screams that she's like the Crypt Keeper?  That's me.  I'm old!

To recap, my cousin that I grew up rough housing with is now a grandfather of three, a gal I graduated high school with is expecting her sixth grand baby, and my college sorority sister's eldest son is now in law school.  Friends that I knew in high school look really good on their Facebook profiles.  Or else they're using really old photos of themselves.

When I posted recently on FB that the air conditioning repair guy was the handsomest repairman I'd ever seen (young, blond, gorgeous smile, no butt crack), commenters suggested that I was on a Cougar Prowl.

The only time I've had a younger guy interested in me was several years ago.  I met this guy at a local coffee shop.  He's a male model.  Seriously.  You'd recognize his work if I posted a link to it.  Anyway, he actually flirted with me!  Even when he found out that I was 13 years his senior. 

What I wouldn't give to have a guy flirt with me these days!  Even my husband.


  1. I know that a lot of women in my age range have told me they feel invisible. Oddly, a lot of guys in my age range do not seem to feel that way even though I think often functionally they are.

  2. Yeah.. just wait.. it gets worse!LOL Not really, you just have to laugh about it! When you get a little older, the really young ones start flirting just for the practice! Good luck getting Mr Gaelic to flirt with you.. might happen.. he's a pretty good guy!