Ev'ry Hotsy-Totsy Nazi Stand and Cheer

Do I scare you? Apparently, I scare my children’s friends. There’s a whole list of people who are afraid of me. Finola’s best guy friend and his parents, and Deirdre’s friends Zahar and Phoenix, Monte and Zteitel.

Deirdre ragged on me for scaring Zteitel.


She’s Jewish.  You shouldn't be scaring the Jewish girl.”

“Why should that make a difference?”

We speak German at home and you’re scary.”

“Does she think we’re neo-Nazis?”

I’m just sayin’.”

Let me just sit down on my front stoop, smooth out my dress uniform, push back my hair behind my ear, and sing,

Heil myself 
Heil to me


  1. I have to wonder what HER parents TELL HER about those Germans. Not all are Nazis!

  2. It's ironic and fun to be scary. So it was well worth it when you read "Winning Through Intimidation," during the 1970s?

  3. Мы знаем, что делать с немцами. Женщина с рыжими волосами не пугает нас.

  4. @Laoch, I should add that to my list to read.

    @Publius, Испугано. Очень испуган.

  5. Kommen Sie zu denken, du bist ein bisschen beängstigend. Nur ein kleiner Scherz :)

  6. @tim, :) Kennen Sie mich ist lieben Sie mich.