Men and Stimpy

Every school day morning, throngs of teenagers appear on every third corner waiting for their bus to school. It’s the only time these creatures emerge from their lairs. Not until my kids were teens did I understand the strange habits of their species. One peculiarity is sleeping until noon on non-school days.

Dragging their sleepy butts out of bed yesterday for a nine o’clock Pilates class was torture to them. I found it quite enjoyable. They willingly dressed for the gym and participated, although not enthusiastically, in class.

As we headed back to the locker room afterwards, we passed some local firefighters who were there to work out. They have to stay in shape for their jobs. I wonder if “Fat Albert” Haynesworth could pass their physical test.

One of the firefighters spoke to me as we passed on the stairs. Once he was out of earshot, Deirdre whispered, “That’s one reason I like coming to the gym. To see the good looking firefighters.”

She won’t be so difficult to get out of bed for Pilates next week.


  1. Yum! I like the good looking firefighters too! Pictures?

  2. Unfortunately, cameras and cell phones are banned at the gym.

  3. Waking up early to go to the gym at 9 am is cruel and unusual punishment. The gym is an evening activity.

    The rule should be, one should not be woken before 1pm unless the house is burning down.

  4. @Laoch, tell the truth. You're really a 17-year-old, aren't you?