Five, Six, Seven, Eight | Update

My post today was before class.  Class was Intense!  With a capital I! 

The class was Advanced Beginner.  I took ballet in high school, one theatre dance class in college, and a recent ballet class to keep in shape.  The website said that the Beginner class was for absolute beginners who had never danced before.  That's not me.  The next step up is the Advanced Beginner class.

That was no Advanced Beginner class!  That was Intermediate to Advanced.  She had us doing tour jetés and cabrioles.  She'd tell us a sequence then show us quickly.  She wanted port de bras in a full circle reaching to the wall, bending back as far as possible, away from the wall and to the ground. 

If that was an Advanced Beginner class, I need an Intermediate Beginner class.  But I stand by my first assertion.  That was no effing Advanced Beginner class!


  1. God my feet hurt just reading this post.

    Reflecting upon things I should have taken ballet when I was a wee lad. While I would have hated it and even though I was athletic I would have failed the graceful portion and had to do a good bit of fist fighting with my male peers it still would have been an amazing way to meet women.

  2. @Laoch, it's still a good way to meet women. I took a master class last year where a guy came alone and left with a woman. Smart man, if you ask me. You might want to look into it.